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The city services fee is used to maintain existing staffing, programs, and services in fire, library, parks maintenance, police, and municipal court.

In Oregon, 50 cities use a similar fee, sometimes called an "operations fee," to help pay for some part of city services. The fee is collected through City utility bills, based on the type of account, meter size, or a combination of each; not on property value or water consumption. For example, a single-family home pays a different rate than a large apartment building or a business. Low-income residential customers who qualify would receive assistance with this fee.

Single-Family Residential

$9 flat fee per unit

Low-income assistance is available to those who qualify.

Multi-Family Residential per EDU

Percentage of
the single-family flat fee ($7.20 per unit)

Commercial / Industrial

Flat fee based on the largest meter size on the account.

The fee is not based on consumption. Approximately 97% of the 18,079 non-residential meters in the City of Albany are 1" and under.

Meter sizeRateNumber
of meters*
3/4" $9.00 16,794 (93%)
1" $22.50 809 (4%)
1 1/4" $31.50 0
1 1/2" $45.00 198 (1%)
2" $72.00 200 (1%)
3" $144.00 40
4" $225.00 29
6" $450.00
8" $720.00
10" $1,890.00 1

* As of June 2021.

Multi-Unit Commercial

$9 flat fee per unit



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