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2020 & 2021 

This information is out-of-date and will be updated shortly.

BoardMembersTerm expires
Albany Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Board Bill Coburn, City Councilor 12/31/2020
Mike Sykes, City Councilor (alternate) 12/31/2020
Albany Downtown Association Sharon Konopa, Mayor 12/31/2020
Albany Visitors Association Alex Johnson II, City Councilor 12/31/2020 
Albany-Millersburg Joint Water/Wastewater Management Committee Bill Coburn, City Councilor 12/31/2020
Rich Kellum, City Councilor 12/31/2020
Dala Rouse, Planning Commissioner (alternate)  12/31/2020
Sharon Konopa, Mayor 12/31/2020
Cascades West Area Commission on Transportation Dick Olsen, City Councilor 12/31/2021
Ron Irish, Transportation Systems Analyst  12/31/2021
Linn-Benton Loop Board Bill Coburn, City Councilor 12/31/2020
Chris Bailey, Public Works Operations Director (ex-officio member) 12/31/2020
Linn County Fair & Expo Advisory Committee Bessie Johnson, City Councilor 12/31/2020
Linn County Local Public Safety Coordinating Council Rich Kellum, City Councilor 8/31/2021
Marcia Harnden, Police Chief 8/31/2021
Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments
Board of Directors
Sharon Konopa, Mayor 12/31/2020
Dick Olsen, City Councilor (alternate) 12/31/2020
Oregon Cascades West Regional Consortium
(Regional Wetlands, Economic Development)
Peter Troedsson, City Manager 12/31/2020
Willamette Criminal Justice Council Sharon Konopa, Mayor 12/31/2020
Bessie Johnson, City Councilor 12/31/2020
Bernie Brown (North Albany citizen representative) 12/31/2020
Marcia Harnden, Police Chief (police chiefs are automatic members) 12/31/2020
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