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PolicyCurrent PolicyAdopted
Appointments, Extended Terms While Awaiting SuccessorOrdinance 5655October 25, 2006
Appointments, Ineligibility of City EmployeesResolution 5222January 11, 2006
Appointments, Procedures for Citizen Advisory GroupsResolution 6797May 22, 2019
Appointments, Reassignment of Appointment Duties for Certain Positions on Citizen Advisory GroupsResolution 6798May 22, 2019
Arts CommissionResolution 3740January 22, 1997
Attendance and Participation PolicyResolution 6948December 2, 2020
Audit CommitteeResolution 5350November 15, 2006
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory CommissionResolution 7157November 9, 2022
Economic Development Advisory CommissionResolution 7156October 26, 2022
Joint Water/Wastewater Management CommitteeResolution 4738August 14, 2002
Public Safety Commission BylawsResolution 5679October 8, 2008
Tourism Advisory CommitteeResolution 7160December 14, 2022
For copies of policy documents listed on this page which are not available online, please submit a Public Records Request form to the City Clerk.

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