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PolicyCurrent PolicyAdopted
Affirmative Action PlanResolution 5846October 14, 2009
Disorderly or Abusive CitizensResolution 3117December 4, 1991
Health Reimbursement Arrangement/Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association ("HRA VEBA") PlansResolution 6534September 14, 2016
ICMA Roth AmendmentResolution 6223May 22, 2013
Money Purchase PlanResolution 3947May 13, 1998
Money Purchase Plan - Executive PlanResolution 4148July 14, 1999
PERS Sick LeaveResolution 2005October 25, 1978
For copies of policy documents listed on this page which are not available online, please submit a Public Records Request form to the City Clerk.

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