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Why do we need an upgraded spa?

The community relies on Albany Community Pool for swimming instruction, water safety instruction, competitive swimming, community wellness, leisure swimming and play. The Therapeutic Spa Replacement Project is a renovation of a thirty-year-old spa system to ensure we can serve every community member, every day for many years to come. 


Constant 102°-104° temperature • 16-person capacity • ADA accessible • Multiple therapeutic jets

What will this upgrade mean for our community?

Everyday access for all

Steady community growth has brought our therapeutic spa usage to capacity, making it difficult to balance simultaneous uses, especially during peak pool hours. The renovation will add and optimize space to ensure everyday access for families, athletes and individual users of all ages.

Better accessibility for our ADA community members

The current spa configuration makes it very challenging for folks with physical limitations to enter and exit the spa.  Climbing multiple steps and limited handrails along with an antiquated lift chair make ADA accessibility a priority in the new therapeutic spa design.  By eliminating the need to climb stairs with a transfer wall and a high-quality lift chair, our ADA community can enjoy the spa worry free.

Caring for our seniors

The renovation of the therapeutic spa will greatly improve the ability for our senior population to ease sore muscles after swimming, sooth inflamed joints from arthritis and offer a much-needed recovery tool after knee, hip and back surgery.  Entering and exiting the spa with ease will provide a safe location to support the healing process.

Financial sustainability

We understand our responsibility is stewardship of every private, foundation, and taxpayers' dollar.

With this upgrade, we will save significant dollars on maintaining an outdated spa that is in constant need of repair.  This maintenance is not only expensive, but also very time consuming for staff which in-turn is costing money in potential lost revenue.

Campaign Goal

Replace existing outdated above-ground hot tub with a new in-ground therapeutic spa that will have the accessibility needed for the community pool.

Estimated Project Cost: $150,000

Completion Goal: Winter 2023

Join us to help raise funds for the spa through our community giving campaign.

Join businesses, families and individuals in public-private partnership to help raise the funds for the spa through our community giving campaign in these ways:

Make a financial gift

Donate Today!

by giving to the Albany Parks & Recreation Foundation

The Albany Parks and Recreation Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. To claim a donation as a deduction on your U.S. taxes, please keep your receipt as our official record.

Offer tribute & recognition

Dedicate your gift in honor or memory of someone for display on the donor wall with a minimum gift of $500.

Give your time & talents

  • Help fundraise for the spa
  • Become a campaign volunteer
  • Promote & participate in events


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