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drug boxMedication Drop Box

Prescription drug drop-off is available when the lobby is open.

A permanent drop-box in the department lobby (2600 Pacific Boulevard SW) is available for drop off and safe disposal of any unwanted or expired over-the-counter or prescription medications (including pet medications).

Personnel will collect and destroy the medications in a safe and legal manner by incinerating them at a nearby facility. 

The drop box was donated by the United States Postal Service and refurbished by Oregon Powder Coating, Albany Lock and Key Service, and Xtreme Grafx.

Sharps Disposal

Residents who need hypodermic needles and syringes (sharps) and need to safely dispose of used sharps can find help at many pharmacies in Albany, Corvallis and Philomath.

The table below was created from lists prepared by Samaritan Health Services Diabetes Education Program. The table shows which pharmacies have medical sharps available and the charge for accepting them for disposal.

For more information, please call the listed pharmacy directly or contact your doctor.

CityPharmacyAddressPhoneHave sharps containers?Price includes return?
Albany Bi-Mart 2272 Santiam Hwy SE 541-926-6026 Y N
Albany Costco Pharmacy 3130 Killdeer Ave SE 541-918-7042 N N
Albany Elm Street Pharmacy 1010 7th Ave SW 541-812-5070 Y
Albany Fred Meyer Pharmacy  2500 Santiam Hwy 541-967-6730 Y N ($3-$5 return fee) 
Albany Geary Street Pharmacy 1700 SE Geary St 541-812-5544 Y N
Albany Medicap® Pharmacy 1333 Clay St SE 541-924-9598 Y N ($10)
Albany Rite Aid Pharmacy 1235 Waverly Dr SE 541-928-8668 Y N
Albany Safeway Pharmacy 1990 14th Ave SE 541-812-2386 Y
Albany Target Pharmacy 2255 14th Ave SE 541-791-9566 Y
Albany Walgreens 1700 Pacific Blvd SE 541-926-5214 Y Y
Albany Walmart Pharmacy 1330 Goldfish Farm Rd SE 541-971-4062 Y N
Corvallis Bi-Mart Pharmacy 2045 NW 9th St 541-752-2468 Y N ($5 return fee) 
Corvallis Bi-Mart Pharmacy 1555 SW 53rd St 541-758-3392 Y Y
Corvallis The Corvallis Clinic Pharmacy 3680 NW Samaritan Dr 541-754-1284 Y Y
Corvallis Fred Meyer Pharmacy 777 NW Kings Blvd 541-754-5583 Y N
Corvallis Oregon State University College of Pharmacy 1601 SW Jefferson Way 541-737-3424 N N
Corvallis Pill Box Health Center 906 NW Kings Blvd  541-258-8070  Y Y
Corvallis Phung M. Hong, RPh 400 NE Circle Blvd 541-752-3858 Y N
Corvallis Professional Compounding Pharmacy 996 NW Circle Blvd #105 541-766-8781 N N
Corvallis Rice's Pharmacy & Gift 910 NW Kings Blvd 541-752-7779 Y Y
Corvallis Rite Aid Pharmacy 2080 NW 9th Street 541-753-2226 Y N
Corvallis Safeway Pharmacy  590 NE Circle Blvd 541-753-2970 Y N
Corvallis Safeway Pharmacy  5270 SW Philomath Blvd  541-738-2106 Y N
Corvallis Safeway Pharmacy 450 SW Third Ave 541-750-0166 Y N
Corvallis Samaritan Pharmacy Services 3521 NW Samaritan Dr #202 541-768-5225 Y Y
Corvallis Walmart Pharmacy 1840 NW 9th St 541-224-0039  N
Philomath Philomath Pharmacy 1640 Main St 541-929-2880 Y N ($3 return fee)
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