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Stormwater quality facilities are vegetated areas that that help manage stormwater in urban areas. These facilities are an integral part of the City of Albany’s efforts to protect and preserve the local water ways. Facilities like the ones along North Albany Road, Salem Avenue, and Broadalbin Street help reduce the amount of runoff and to treat polluted runoff before it reaches the creeks, rivers, and lakes.

Stormwater quality facilities are designed to mimic natural landscape features while minimizing hard surfaces, like parking lots. Treating stormwater with these landscaped features serves the double purpose of adding beauty to urban spaces and capturing and filtering stormwater.

The  most common types of facilities are planters and swales, but there are also ponds, wetlands, and even underground facilities such as catch basins and vaults. 

Public Facilities

The City owns and maintains over 350 stormwater facilities and more are being installed each year. Staff inspect the facilities annually to make sure they are working correctly and not causing any hazards for drivers. Weeding, replanting bare areas, and removal of sediment takes place whenever we find a facility in need!

Private Facilities

Each new development has stormwater facilities that treat stormwater from the property. City Staff inspect private facilities annually and work with property owners to make any corrections needed. Click here to find out more about our private facilities program.

Find out how to maintain your facility or which plants are on the approved plant list

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